Color Diamonds

Diamonds are universally regarded as a symbol of power, wealth and love. Yet among diamonds, it is the rarest colored diamonds that have become the most coveted. At international auctions, fancy diamonds are going under the hammer at exorbitant prices as the world’s richest families bid for unique heirlooms that can be passed down from generation to generation.
In November 2016, Christie's in Geneva auctioned a 16.08ct “fancy vivid” graded pink diamond for a record US$2.85 million (NT$940 million) to Hong Kong businessman Liu Luanxiong. Liu named this exceptional pink diamond "The Sweet Josephine" after his beloved daughter. 
A few days later, Liu again successfully bid for a piece weighing 12.03 carats at Sotheby’s, this time for an even greater sum of US$4.84 million (NT$1.59 billion). The blue diamond, originally named "Blue Moony," was renamed the "Blue Moon of Josephine." 

A Diamond As Individual
As Its Owner

Understanding the appeal of naturally colored diamonds is all about recognizing their extreme rarity.
This is well illustrated by unfolding trends in the diamond market. While people have been collecting white diamonds for centuries the market has experienced a shift in recent times. The trigger for this can be explained by a society reaching a certain threshold of personal wealth, and a small number of sophisticated collectors starting to want something different. It is then that they begin to collect colored diamonds. In particular, the shift they are making is from acquiring white diamonds displaying a “general beauty” to colored diamonds that possess “personal beauty.” Each color diamond with its different shade, intensity and hue, has the ability to reflect a person’s complex emotions, giving colored diamonds the ability to represent an individual’s own tastes and distinctive style. In this way, colored diamonds possess a spiritual appeal and aesthetic power. 
Collecting colored diamonds naturally expands a person’s appreciation of these rare stones, with a focus on their high aesthetics and spiritual appeal. 
Serious color diamond collectors are now becoming part of a small set of people distinguished by their possession of the finest jewels in the world — with all the status, sophistication and taste this confers upon them.