17th October, 2015

Located right beside Regent Taipei, one of the most prestigious five-star hotels, EURÈEKA opens the doors to its latest flagship in Taipei City. The upscale neighborhood is lined up with top international brands and elegant luxury boutiques that it is dubbed Little Europe. 

It’s designed by star architect to create a luxurious sensation of vastness and grandeur in low profile luxury style, which hit right note with what the brand stands for. The wall showcases are layered with lavish white leather imported from Italy while golden frames were used to complement the breathtaking fancy color of yellow gemstones. The salon, featuring a carpeted floor and import-leather chairs, offers roomy space with comfort and intimacy. The overall interior design sets the elite atmosphere that emanates the brand identity. 

To provide you with the best possible service where you will not be interrupted and your needs can be perfectly met, EURÈEKA is open by appointment only. With its sparkling success in local luxury market, EURÈEKA is going international with its assurance for timeless perfection and excellence.

發佈日期 : 2015-10-30