18th July, 2015

EURÈEKA open its first flagship store in Shanghai, China

Located on Huaihai Middle Road, the most historical and charming area of Shanghai, EURÈEKA’s new store is close to the Little Europe on the outskirts of Shanghai, the so-called Shanghai New Continent by locals, where an influx of Western top brands lined the route.

The Shanghai Flagship Store was built to create a sensation for ultimate perfection in subtle luxury style. The showcases were designed with exquisite elegance to complement the top line brand identity.

Each diamond from EURÈEKA makes our clients shine, sparkle and dazzle. It is a highly valuable piece to own as each is handcrafted by our skilled jewelry designers. The Shanghai Flagship Store even owns several unique large diamonds with high carat weight. It’s a true visual feast and luxurious rarity.

發佈日期 : 2015-10-30